Friday, April 5, 2013

Under construction

Please bear with me while I get this page layout right, it is quite difficult on iPad. This is my first post here. I decided to have a blog separate from my Cedar Beader blog as I need to share the thoughts in my head. I'm sure my rumblings will mean something to other special needs parents out there. I have four children and my youngest and oldest boys have high functioning Autism. Life is crazy and busy and sometimes I do want to bail on it, but mostly it is a good life.

The name a car full of Autism came out of a moment last night when we were in the car and my daughter was whining. Me not really thinking, said about two minutes away from home, "We'll be there in about five seconds." In a flash one of my boys (we'll call him GI Jo) started explaining how many minutes it would take to get home based on where we were in the journey and how many KMs we were travelling at. The other one (we'll call him Baby Yoshi) started counting to 5!" It was just one of those moments and I thought to myself, "Yep, I have a car full of Autism."


  1. Looking forward to reading your blog. I have a 3.5-year-old with high functioning autism. It's been a learning experience for us and so helpful to read other people's stories as well.

  2. Thanks Jan, it's always nice to know we aren't alone in this world. It certain,y gets easier as they mature but there are always new challenges to face.