Friday, April 5, 2013

To Party or not to Party

This weekend and next, I have been invited to two different parties. Neither party has anything to do with Baby Yoshi, but I may need to take him to both. For most parents I guess consideration about accepting an invite is entirely based on other commitments, unwell children etc. for me and most other special needs parents, the consideration is whether it is worth it or not! I want my children to be functioning members of society, that don't get hidden away based on their disability but that takes a lot of energy. GI Joe stays home by himself as he is old enough to but Baby Yoshi is my little sidekick. Problem is he rarely stays by my side. He's a runner. Stats show that this is common in younger children with Autism. Probably the reason I am able to lose weight without gym sessions or any other exercise really! So the question remains, to party or not to party? I guess we'll have to play it by ear....Which means I am the worst RSVPer in the world :-).

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