Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Break

Today I got a break, nothing special, just went to buy our little princess a second birthday present. Anyway, when I got back Baby Yoshi was in full swing. I think he thinks he owes me one for going out. I was attempting to do something with my iPhone and getting quite frustrated. I found myself matching him tone for tone, never a great thing when your children are overstimulated by sound (hey we are all human). This chaos prompted Daddy to chime in. In his usual style, he tells Baby Yoshi I have "lost my marbles." Baby Yoshi promptly began to discuss a time where he had some marbles, lost some marbles, then found them under a pile of old toys in the shed. Where can you go with that but laughter! Daddy did try to explain what it meant but Baby Yoshi simply said, "That is a silly saying, you can't have marbles in your head, and so you can't lose them from your head." He's got a point!

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