Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Little Things

It's amazing the little things that can make a difficult day better. The photo above was a day at the beach. We hadn't been to the beach much as we have runners, so it requires a quiet beach and eagle eyes. We did not realise how much Baby Yoshi would love it. I need to remember this day in times when I'm am struggling. Baby Yoshi has been particularly echolalic lately. I don't care if it is politically incorrect, whatever, but echolalia is the thing that makes me cringe when it comes to ASD. This week Baby Yoshi had a fire truck visiting school, he was anxious that he was going to miss out on the experience (may have been anxious about the noise possibilities as well). When Baby Yoshi is anxious he verbally names the object of his anxiety...over and over and over and over. After the event he had to reassure us a lot that the fire truck was okay. I went shopping and spotted a fire hat. As soon as I gave it to him he said he loved it and it must have been enough to focus his thoughts because there has been no mention of the fire truck since. Hopefully he won't expect to see the fire truck again next Tuesday! Last year, we had to put a "crazy shirt" in his bag on Fridays, every Friday for a month before he realised that crazy shirt day was only a one day event!

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