Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lemonade Fractions

Cooking provides for so many learning activities. I've been wanting to introduce Lachie to fractions for a while. Although a lot of fraction work is done in grade two, he becomes confused over terms such as half which can result in upset over someone having two halves of something and him only having one whole. He has been asking to make home made lemonade for a while so I used this as an opportunity to teach halves and wholes.

  • First we got the recipe from this site Design Mom through Pinterest.  I pre-made the sugar syrup as I was not keen for Lachie to be around boiling sugar. 
  • Then we spent time cutting the lemons in half and I demonstrated half and whole.
  •  I only have an electric citrus juicer. I am always looking for fine motor development opportunities and I once saw Jamie Oliver roll a lemon to help release the juices. I got Lachie to squeeze and roll each lemon (we used 5 lemons). This is great for hand strength
  • I cut the lemons but Lachie wanted a go, I gave him a go at one while I held the lemon in place.
  • I held the lemon on the juicer and he turned the dial (he got a bit impatient at times...ouch).
  • We mixed the syrup, juice, and water and strained it as my kids are fussy with pulp.
  • He ladled his own and it tasted really nice.
Ideas for extension:
  • Manual juicing would be great for hand strength and safer for toddlers to join in
  • Different flavours could be incorporated
  • You could set up a lemonade stand and have the kids sell to their other parent and siblings.

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