Sunday, November 10, 2013


Today we worked on phonics and oral motor development. Lachie is really good at reading but gets confused over some sounds. We chose to concentrate on the "OW" sound in blow. It can be tricky as it changes according to the different letter blends it is paired with. For example the "OW" in Owl or Bowl sounds different to the "OW" in Blow. At least in our Aussie accents. 
  • First we took photos of Aria and Lachie blowing into a bubble blower. 
  • Second we intended on doing bubble painting but the paint was too heavy and did not produce coloured bubbles. The paper got all soggy. So after a few "experiments" with the bubble water we decided we needed something circular to print the bubbles.
  • Lachie used a small piece of pvc pipe and the moon stamps we made out of bottle caps earlier in the year.
  • Aria who is more happy than Lachie to get messy used just the bottle caps, but not the stamps.
  • Aria wanted pink paper, I only had orange card so she stamped hers onto pink paper then helped me glue the bubbles on the card once we cut them out.
  • I cut out and glued on their pictures.
  • Lachie chose the letters to spell out "blow".
  • Aria chose her coloured letters.

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