Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mental health days: A chance to do some fine motor work

We have had such a busy schedule lately, there has not been a lot of downtime and time for creativity. I picked up two cheap terracotta pots yesterday at the hardware store and my plan was to have Aria paint her's this morning and Lachie to do his after school. He desperately wanted a day off so I decided that he was due a mental health day.

I looked up several ways to do the pots and it seems that soaking them for an hour is the most effective method of getting the paint to stick.

I gave Aria her turn first, she wanted to pot upside down as it was easier for her to paint it that way.

 Lachie wanted a more structured outcome so we taped his off with painters tape to create some stripes

 After they finished they got out the finger puppets and chased each other around the yard for a while.

Stay tuned for the finished product......

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